Petite Styling Tip #2 | Evening Wear admin January 15, 2014
Petite Styling Tip #2 | Evening Wear

What to Wear Wednesday! It is awards season! With the Golden Globes just past and many wonderful shows on the horizon, we wanted to take a moment to talk about petite dos and don’ts for evening wear! As the starlets walk the red carpet we all watch and judge, making our own mental list of best and worst dressed. For petite women, there are some sure fire ways to look fabulous and a few things that maybe we should avoid! DOs….  1.Focus on the neck

  •  Look for sweetheart or plunging necklines! These necklines can help give the illusion of length and curves! (P.S. A great bra option for this look is our bestselling deep-plunge style “Lucia“)
    • Amy Adams used this tip and looked stunning! (shown below)

2. Work what your momma gave ya!

  •  Find dresses that taper at the waist and/or hug your shape so as to give the illusion of curves. Clean, sleek lines are your best friend. Not only will you look sexy, you will feel it too!
    • Emma Roberts pulled off this tip in her fabulous body hugging black number! (shown below)

3. Embrace the Simple and Subtle.

  • Try for subtle detail and/or prints over big statements. We never want the gown to wear you and women with petite frames can sometimes be overwhelmed by big prints or big designs. A subtle detail or design can be flattering and flirty making the look perfectly petite!
    • Emilia Clarke pulled off this tip with her gorgeous and subtly embroidered gown! (shown below)

DON’Ts… 1.Too much of a good thing… is not a good thing!

  • Don’t wear too much fabric! Layers and layers of fabric can overwhelm a petite frame, and before you know it we can barely find you in the dress!

2. Hemming, tacking, cutting…tailoring anyone?

  • Don’t avoid the tailor! It’s not always convenient, and it’s not always wallet friendly, but ladies use your tailor! Though there should be more petite focused fashion options out there, we must accept that often the perfect look is a couple stitches away!

3. Bigger isn’t always better!

  • Don’t use disproportionate accessories! We all love to accessorize; it can make or break an outfit after all! But ladies, beware of the large bold accessory choices. Sometimes that large statement piece, no matter how gorgeous, will weigh down your look and make for a disproportionate look!