TLBC Personal Style Guide admin December 4, 2014
TLBC Personal Style Guide

Match Your Fashion Personality with a TLBC Style

The Holidays are here and with them comes the challenge of gift buying! Whether you are shopping for a special someone or making your own list (because even though it’s the thought that counts…let’s be honest…some thoughts are better than others) guides can be your saving grace!

You might not know it, but your lingerie style has a lot to do with your personality. When you think about personal style, you may not immediately consider your lingerie wardrobe in the mix. Shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories encompass the essentials for your everyday fashion. But, as with every outfit, personal style truly starts at the foundations! To help you this season the TLBC team got together and sorted our styles to fit a few different fashion personalities. Classic, chic, sweet, or sporty we have the perfect style! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************

Urban Chic

You know what is in style but aren’t a slave to fashion. You wear what looks good on you and work with what you’ve got! Fashion, for you is not all about labels and price tags, it’s about you. This sound like you or someone you know!? Try these TLBC styles – Barbara, Stephanie, Erin, and Ethel

Calm and Classic

The sign of grace, and tasteful style. You like to keep your outfit simple and timeless. Clean, straight lines dominate the closet. You are minimalist and elegant, but still like to feel sexy. Think Jackie O, Victoria Beckham, and Ashley Olsen. Calling all Calm and Classic ladies! Try these perfect TLBC styles – Ellie, Celeste, Sascha, and Francesca.

Sweet & Quirky

For the girl next door…you are youthful and carefree. You value femininity and may be a hopeless romantic. Ruffles, lace, and pleats are just some of the whimsy, feminine details that tend to catch your eye. Unafraid of fashion risks, you combine different styles into one. For all our sweet and quirky girls, we suggest – Sonia, Esther, Eva, and Courtney.

Sporty and Sophisticated

For the girl on the go. You’re energetic and practical. You stray away from fussy fashion and favor the easy and effortless. Despite valuing comfort and functionality you still find a way to show her feminine side. You can be anywhere from yoga class to meeting up with your friends and no matter where you are you love to look and feel good! Sporty and sophisticated right up your ally? Try – Julia, Isis, Lisa, and Elizabeth.             So, get shopping! Start out the New Year in something sexy from TLBC and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest TLBC     XOXO, The Little Bra Company