10 Ways to Recycle Your Bras admin September 13, 2011
10 Ways to Recycle Your Bras

Hey TLBC fans!

Here, at The Little Bra Company, we do our best to be “green.” We use energy-efficient light bulbs, we recycle and reuse recycled paper, we recycle bottles and cans, and now we’ve come up with a list of 10 fun and creative ways you all can recycle your old or unworn bras.

1) Make a bustier. Cover the bra with sequins or rhinestones for a new, sexy look.
2) Use the cups as knee pad while gardening.
3) Sew your bra into a camisole.
4) Dress a scarecrow.
5) Make it a piece of art. Place your bra in a glass frame and use it as wall décor.
6) Use the cups to wrap fragile, round things, such as glass Christmas ornaments.
7) Remove the hooks and use them as extenders for other bras.
8 ) Sew the padding into a baby’s hat to make it softer and warmer.
9) Use it as a dust mask while cleaning the house.
10) Make a bra purse.

Now we want to hear from the fans. Can you think of any creative ways you can recycle your old or unused bras?

And stay tuned for our instructional post on how to make a one-of-a-kind bra purse!

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