Find the Perfect Fit with The Little Bra Company! admin March 14, 2012
Find the Perfect Fit with The Little Bra Company!

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Sometimes, smaller-busted women may not even register on the typical ‘size charts’ of certain lingerie brands or stores. If you are stuck in this predicament, your best option is to try on bras that are closest to your size and realize why they do not work for your body. Here are some of the most common ill fitting bra problems:

The bra band should not ride-up in the back, or squeeze your flesh in a way that causes pain/leaves marks. It should be somewhat level all the way around your body.

The center front of the bra, or the fabric between your two breasts, should lie flat against your body. If it doesn’t, you are probably wearing the wrong size band.

The band should be comfortable and snug — you should be able to fit one to two fingers underneath it. It should also fit nicely on the last (most loose) hook. This will allow you to move to an inner hook as your bra stretches out over wear and time.

If your nipples pop out of the cups, or if your breast tissue bulges out of them; you may need either larger cups or a fuller-coverage bra. The Little Bra Company’s Yvonne is our highest-rated petite t-shirt bra. This small bra provides a smooth silhouette with a little lace detail making this much more than a basic bra.

The underwire should not cut or dig underneath your breasts. If the underwire is not touching your rib cage, you do not necessarily need a larger band; you will mostly likely need larger cups.

The cups should not be baggy, gaping or wrinkly. If they are they are probably too big.

If the shoulder straps fall down or dig in, they will need to be adjusted.

The Little Bra Company is here for your petite bra needs. All of our Little Bras are made especially for smaller-proportioned figures, and uniquely designed to give petite women a comfortably fitting bra, while enhancing her décolletage.

Check out to purchase any of our lace-cup and smooth-cup small bras.

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