Elizabeth, The Little Bra Company’s First No-Wire Bra, Can Be Worn for Maternity admin April 26, 2012
Elizabeth, The Little Bra Company’s First No-Wire Bra, Can Be Worn for Maternity

Hey Fans! During pregnancy, women’s bodies undergo hormonal changes. These changes will affect the size of the breasts. As a result of pregnancy, breasts will grow bigger because the hormones are preparing the pregnant woman for breastfeeding. Wearing the right type of bra is important for your comfort and your health during this time. A good bra will provide more support for the fluctuating changes of the chest size. What makes a bra a maternity bra, you ask? First of all, the bra shouldn’t have underwire because you don’t want any hardware pressing against your active mammary glands. Secondly, you want a bra that is going to be “flexible” in size as your breast size will fluctuate. Thirdly, the bra should be comfortable! The Little Bra Company’s Elizabeth is the perfect maternity bra for women with petite frames! Elizabeth is a specially engineered sports bra with light padding and structured seaming. Because she is a wireless small bra, Elizabeth also substitutes as the perfect maternity bra for women with small frames! She will support and give your breasts a shapelier silhouette, leaving you feeling sexy throughout your pregnancy! There are no wires, clasps or adjustors on Elizabeth; she is a pull-over bra. The Elizabeth bra is available in all 15 of our specialty small bra sizes and comes in 3 stylish colors: black, ivory, and petal! You may need to purchase several different sizes of bras during your entire pregnancy. During the last trimester, the fitting may need to be checked and adjusted again to accommodate more changes in the breasts. Pregnant women should have at least two maternity bras, and may need to purchase additional bras before giving birth. Once the baby is born, and if you choose to breastfeed, you will then graduate to a specialized breastfeeding bra. During pregnancy you need to make sure you are comfortable in the bra you are wearing. Buying good quality bras is important. Hand washing your maternity bras will maintain the quality. For washing tips, please watch our video: http://youtu.be/GJr4PmAFLJA. http://empowerednews.net/find-out-why-you-should-wear-maternity-bras-on-a-new-site/1822437/