Petite Actress Kristen Bell Gained Some HEIGHT! admin August 18, 2012
Petite Actress Kristen Bell Gained Some HEIGHT!

Hey Fans! Who says a little thing like being 5’1″ has to come between you and looking like a sky-high supermodel? Certainly not Kristen Bell! One of our favorite petite actresses, Kristen Bell, looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet Tuesday night for the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie “Hit & Run.” The petite starlet rocked the red carpet in a very chic black jumpsuit by designer Jenny Packham. Is it just us, or does Kristin’s small frame look incredibly leggy here? She reminded us of a few fashion tricks petite women can use to give the illusion that we are taller than 5’4.” The jumpsuit she selected for the event is a great alternative, opposed to the ever-popular evening dress, for short gals like us. But there are also a few more reasons why this particular jumpsuit is especially flattering: Choose bottoms that ALMOST hit the floor. Pair a long, wide-legged pant with a pair of high heels or platforms—you know, the ones with the hidden extra inches! When the pants drape over your shoes it will look as if those extra inches are just part of your legs. If the pants have a high waist, that is even better! Try out a deep plunging neckline. A deep neckline, like Kristen Bell has on, will draw your eye upward. When eyes are looking up, it will make the distance between your face and your torso seem much longer. When rocking a deep plunging neckline, The Little Bra Company recommends our best-selling small bra, Lucia. Lucia, the must-have little push-up bra for every petite woman’s closet. With her flattering, cleavage- enhancing, deep-plunge style, and convertible straps, Lucia will go perfect with virtually any day or night time outfit. The lace is so pretty you won’t mind letting it peek through to decorate your décolletage. She comes in 8 signature colors, including black and nude as well as a luscious red; but this spring, The Little Bra Company introduced little bra Lucia in two BRAND NEW fashion color combinations: geranium/nude and hyacinth/mink. These bright and flirty colors will make every spring outfit more fun! To purchase the Lucia small bra and thong/boyshort set, please visit: Go monotonous. You already know that black is practically magic when it comes to sveltifying and lengthening, but wearing another dark color head-to-toe will do the trick as well. Trying dark shades like navy, charcoal, eggplant, or this season’s must-have burgundy will also have the same effect.