Motivational Monday | #ThinkPink and Get Involved admin October 6, 2014
Motivational Monday | #ThinkPink and Get Involved

Motivational Monday| #ThinkPink

How Are You Celebrating Pink October?

  All month long we will be celebrating and supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness. There are many ways to get involved this month, even simple ways like wearing a pink ribbon or pink items. While October may also mean Halloween festivities, it is still important to spread information about the first leading cancer found amongst women.   Become More Active: You don’t have to wait until the New Year to change up your workout plan. This month you can celebrate Pink October by becoming a healthier you. Sign up for a local race that raises money towards Breast Cancer Awareness, even if you are not a great runner like many of us, walking is always an option.   Join An Organization: This is a great way to make new friends and support your fellow ladies, while learning about Breast Cancer. Websites like the American Cancer Society offer tips on where to look to volunteer or how to start a wellness program at work.   Spread The Word: Social media has made this part very easy. Every great article that you come across, even workout or eating ideas, are great to share to your circle of friends. Encourage those around you to get involved. Make sure to research the latest hashtag trends; so then your posts will reach more people outside of your close circle of friends.   Think Pink: Another way that is a fun one is trying a new recipe that is pink, wearing pink or painting your nails pink. Want to start with your basics? Shop TLBC with code ‘ThinkPink’ and get 15% off this month! Go crazy with the color, pink is the new black this month and will remind you the importance of this month each day you wear it.   Help TLBC support the cause and get involved!   XOXO, The Little Bra Company