Baring Your Bra: Do or Don’t? admin October 29, 2015
Baring Your Bra: Do or Don’t?

We’ve all seen a reemergence of the “visible bra” trend this year.  Whether it’s a sheer top with a bright colored or same colored bra underneath, a loose tank top with lace bra wings, or peekaboo lace popping out of a v-neck t-shirt. There are ways to pull off this trend without looking like you’re having a serious wardrobe malfunction.  Here are three things to keep in mind when baring your bra.

1. Make sure your bra fits correctly. You want to show off your bra and it’s flirty and feminine details, not breast tissue that’s bulging out the sides, bands that are riding up, or your gapping bra cups. We here at TLBC recommend getting a professional fitting done to ensure you’re wearing the correct size bra and always “DO the scoop!!” Check out our Sizing Tips and Fit Tips for more details.

2. Choose the right color bra. You want your bra baring to look intentional, not like a mistake. Try pairing a dark colored bra under a light shirt, or a dark bra under a dark sheer blouse. This gives a sexy illusion/peekaboo effect that’s sexy yet classy. We recommend not baring a light colored or nude bra. This always looks like a mistake and the point is to show off your bra, not have it blend into your skin!

3. Pick the right occasion. There is a time and place for everything. Tuesday’s marketing meeting at the office may not be the best time to bare your bra, but Sunday brunch with the girls or your weekly Ladies Night would be perfect! Try our “Yvonne” bra under a sheer tee or loose tank to show off the lace details on the straps and bra wings.  Our “Lucia” looks great with a deep v-neck to show off the delicate lacey straps and cups.

Here are two examples of baring your bra done RIGHT.