We all know what a headache it can be trying to find your perfect bra size. But did you ladies know that every bra size has a “sister size?” This means that you can adjust your bra size, but still get a similar, if not better fit! Sister Size Fact: As you go up in band size, the cup size stays proportionate; meaning the cup volume will remain similar from one sister size to the next.

For example…

Sister Size Up: One size LARGER than your current band size, and one size SMALLER than your current cup size. 

34B = 36A

Sister Size Down: One size SMALLER than your current band size, and one size LARGER than your current cup size.

34B = 32C

Bra fitting is a mix of measurement technique and personal preference. The key is finding a band that fits comfortably around your chest and offers you the shape and lift that you desire. With all of the available options out there, it doesn’t make bra fitting very easy on us! For example, a structured push-up bra may not fit the same as a lacy bra.  This would be a great time to try your sister sizes!

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you need help finding YOUR sister size! You can also refer to our “Sizing Tips” page for more details.