The Little Bra Company Breast Cancer Myth Busters admin October 6, 2011
The Little Bra Company Breast Cancer Myth Busters

How conscious are you of breast cancer? Are you aware of the causes of breast cancer?
Do you know how to separate fact from fiction?
As women, I’m sure we have all heard the numerous causes of breast cancer. Most women do not realize that many of the things they have been told have not been validated by science.
The Little Bra Company wanted to shine the light on breast cancer awareness by busting the most popular myths.

• Underwire bras cause cancer because the wire constricts the breasts and cause toxins to build up in breast tissue.
-This is false. Studies show there is absolutely no link to the bra underwire causing breast cancer. Think about it; if it were true, there would be a lot more women with breast cancer years ago when tight corsets were in fashion.

• Antiperspirants cause breast cancer because they prevent toxins from leaving your body. The toxins then travel down the breasts.
-This is false. Antiperspirants do not prevent toxins from leaving the body; they eliminate the toxins all together.

• Drinking bottled water can cause breast cancer because the dioxin used to make the bottle leaks into the water.
-This is false. There is no dioxin in plastic water bottles.

• Mammograms cause breast cancer because the test requires the use of radiation.
-This is false. Yes, radiation is used when conducting a mammogram, but the amount is extremely small. The amount of radiation used in a mammogram is the same a woman receives by simply being exposed to the environment.

• Family history is the only way a woman can get breast cancer.
-This is false. Over 80% of breast cancer cases arise sporadically. That is why it is important for women to have regular check-ups.

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Now that we’ve busted some of the breast cancer causing myths, The Little Bra Company wants to give you some tips on how you can to prevent breast cancer.
• Schedule regular mammograms and clinical exams.
• Get to know your breasts and inform your doctor if you notice any questionable changes.
• Adopt a healthy diet and physical activity.
• Control your weight; try not to let it fluctuate.
• Do not smoke and limit your alcohol intake.

Share these prevention tips with family, friends, and loved ones.
If you have any myths to bust do not hesitate to share them! 🙂