Bra Refresh | To Keep? Or, Not to Keep? admin April 10, 2020
Bra Refresh | To Keep? Or, Not to Keep?

To Keep? Or, Not to Keep?

We pretty much wear a bra every day. It is the first thing we put on before any outfit and our
bras work hard to offer us support, shape and comfort all day long. So, they do eventually wear
out. How soon, you ask? Well, that depends on a few variables
1) How many bras do you have in rotation?
2) How often do you wash your bra?
3) How do you care for your bra?

Please watch our video to see how we recommend you wash and care for your bra.
Now, how do you know when your bra is past its prime? We’ve come up with an easy “Bra
Condition Checklist” to help you:

 You are wearing your bra on the tightest hook and it is still loose. When you first buy a
bra, we recommend finding your right size by wearing the bra on the loosest hook. That
way as your bra stretches out through time, you have room to move to the tighter hook.
Now, once you’ve made it to the tightest hook, and it still feels loose, then it’s time to
replace your bra.

Cups are gapping. Over time, your bra cups can also get stretched out and/or you may
have had a weight fluctuation. When your bra cups sit away from your body when you
have it on and it is no longer giving you the support and lift you once had with it on,
your bra has expired.

 Cups are too small. It happens. We gain weight. We lose weight. We get pregnant. We
breast feed, and our boobs are never the same. If you are bulging out of your bra cups,
it is time to replace this bra with one that fits you better. We actually recommend you
resize yourself every year because our bodies simply change. We are not always one
size, and lucky for you, neither are our bras.

Straps keep slipping. You will be surprised how important your straps are. We think it is
important to adjust your straps often because if the straps are properly adjusted and fit
snugly, they will help take the weight off the band around your body and your bra will fit
more comfortably. That being said, straps are made out of elastic and elastic eventually
wears out. Once it does, you will notice the straps slipping out of the adjuster and off
your shoulder more often. When that happens, you know it is time to toss or donate
your bra.

Underwire is popping out. This one is kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised how many
bras we’ve seen that have been stitched back together with safety pins and a prayer.
The underwire in your bra is under a lot of pressure when worn. And, depending on how
you wash your bra, the underwire is actually quite vulnerable. For example, if you wash
your bra in the washing machine without a bra cage (which you shouldn’t!), the
underwire can get easily deformed and damaged. So, when the underwire of your bra
starts poking out, it’s a sign you need a new one.

The fabric on your bra looks worn out and/or dingy. Most bras are made out of pretty
laces and delicate fabrics. They can only take so many wear and washes before they
start to lose their luster. When you see the fabric separating from the cup and sagging,
or if there are rips in the lace, or if the color has faded, it is time to say goodbye. Don’t
worry, we can help you find a replacement!

Elastic is stretched out. Did you know? A bra is mostly made out of elastic. Even the bra
band is made out of powermesh, which is essentially a wide elastic band. The clue to
when you know your elastic has stretched out too much is when you can see the elastic
fraying like little rubber band “hairs” all over the bra. Snap! Your bra is kaput.

Does your bra still spark joy for you? As decluttering guru, Marie Kondo, recommends,
touch each item and if it doesn’t “spark joy,” when it’s touched, you should thank it for
being a part of your life, and then donate or trash it. Even if you’ve never worn the bra
or worn it just once for a very special occasion, if the bra is just sitting in your drawer
taking up space, consider removing it and giving it away for someone else to possibly
love. Organizations like Free the Girls will happily take your new or gently used bra to
give women safe economic opportunities. To find out more visit:,

So, if you are still looking for something to do during the quarantine, open up your top drawer
and use this checklist to remove what doesn’t fit, is worn out, or just doesn’t spark joy for you
any more.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay home.


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