The Little Bra Company Saves Petite Women from the Booby Trap! admin November 8, 2011
The Little Bra Company Saves Petite Women from the Booby Trap!

Hey Fans!

A few weeks ago The Little Bra Company shared a blog on the importance of wearing a proper fitting
bra. Today we wanted to show you petite gals exactly how scary an ill-fitting bra looks and show you
how The Little Bra Company can save your small breasts from these bra horror stories.

Wearing a dire-fitting push-up bra can cause your breasts to be pushed too high, creating a flat top. If
you need a flattering push-up bra to save you from “The Shelf,” Isis will save you! Isis has maximum
push-up, demi-contoured cups to offer petite figures a boosted bustline.

When a bra moves around freely “The Sagging” will come shortly after. If your bra does not support
your small breasts throughout the sagging, Mercedes is here for you! Mercedes is a sophisticated petite
demi push-up bra with contoured smooth-cups for added lift and support, and a bit of lace for a chic
peek of pretty.

If your bra is transforming your small breasts into a “Quadraboob,” this may be because the cups are
too small. Have no fear, Angela, The Little Bra Company’s best-selling T-shirt bra, is here to rescue you!
Angela may be a small bra, but it is especially designed to contour and help give shape to smaller breasts
with minimal padding. Instead of lines and bulges in all the wrong places, Angela provides a smooth
silhouette under all your favorite tops, including deep v-necks.

These spooky photos are part of Canadian lingerie boutique, “The Booby Trap’s” latest ad campaign.
Hurry! Run to your nearest bra retailer to find the right fit…. before the booby traps get you!