Tips and Tricks Every Petite Women Needs to Hide Holiday Weight Gain admin December 30, 2011
Tips and Tricks Every Petite Women Needs to Hide Holiday Weight Gain

After all the tamales, pumpkin pie, eggnog, and stuffing have left you stuffed, you may have noticed a few extra pounds have encompassed their way onto your small frame. And while your goal over the next couple of months may be to lose the extra holiday weight gain, there is just one problem: your clothes aren’t fitting properly right now! The Little Bra Company comprised a list of tips and tricks petite women can use to hide the muffin top all those muffins have contributed to.

Choose the right fabric
Silky or thin materials will cling to your body and show even the tiniest bulge. But on the other hand, thick, heavy materials and knits will add a few extra pounds to your mid-section. We recommend you stick to mid-weight fabrics with a soft drape.

Wear the right bra
A bra with a good lift will shave off a few pounds by creating the illusion of a longer torso. All of The Little Bra Company’s small bras are specially engineered to create the perfect amount of lift and support for your petite frame. For sky-high elevation, The Little Bra Company recommends our best-selling Lucia bra, and our 5-star “ooh la la” padded Isis bra.

Move the waistline
Highlight the slimmest part of your body: the area directly below your bust-line. An empire waist tunic or dress will drape over your mid-section and make those few extra pounds virtually disappear.

Dark colors
Dark colors make things look smaller, while light colors make things look bigger. Opt for dark colors as your wardrobe base for the next few weeks. If your outfit seems a little drab, use colorful accessories to bring it to life.

A loose fitting cardigan or vest will hide the love handles sitting on your hips.

Bra extenders
If you have gained weight in your upper body, you know how annoying and unflattering an ill fitting, tight bra can look. Bra extenders are the perfect solution for someone whose little bra is temporarily too tight. All of The Little Bra Company’s small bras have built in convertible straps. And all of our petite bras, except Bijou, are bra extender- friendly.

Flattering pants
Straight leg pants are the most complimenting for someone who is trying to camouflage certain body parts.

Use accessories like scarves, hats, earrings, necklaces, or bangles to detour attention away from your problem areas. Just make sure they are the appropriate size because large accessories can add a few pounds.

If any of you petite gals have any more tips and tricks you would like to share, feel free to add them to our list. The Little Bra Company hopes all our fans enjoyed their holiday celebrations!