Does a Push-up Bra Really Give a Woman More Confidence? admin March 30, 2012
Does a Push-up Bra Really Give a Woman More Confidence?

Hey Ladies! It is quite obvious to point out that men are provoked by the effects a good push-up bra has on a woman’s cleavage. But, what is more surprising is the heightened confidence cleavage can have on the woman wearing the push-up bra herself! For the first time ever, scientists have conducted experiments measuring the effects cleavage enhancing undergarments have on a woman’s confidence. According to a report from the Daily Mail, these trials propose that women wearing push-up bras feel 75% more confident than those wearing an everyday bra. This study conducted consisted of female participants aged 20 to 55. These women were filmed in their everyday interactions. Some of the women wore push-up bras, while others wore a non-push-up bra. After reviewing the films, the scientists concluded that women who had that extra lift smiled at least 73% more than women wearing the everyday bra. The women wearing cleavage enhancing undergarments also touched their foreheads and chins far less than those wearing everyday bras and didn’t avoid eye contact with other individuals; which are all are signs of “low confidence.” The Little Bra Company offers a lot of options for smaller-busted women looking for that uplifted effect. Most of our small bras have contoured push-up padding, as well as optional/removable pads (also known as cookies). Here are some options that will boost your bustline and your confidence: Our Isis bra is rated the ***** 5 Stars on our padding scale; which means “Ooh La La Push-Up!” She has convertible straps and heavily padded demi-contoured cups to offer petite figures an enhanced bustline. Isis also features a gorgeous, sparkly tear-drop center detail in the front, between the cups, making small-framed women everywhere feel like the goddesses they really are! Isis is available in two colors: black and nude, so she can be worn with any outfit. For all you petite athletes looking for a flattering, not flattening, sports bra, your search is over! The Little Bra Company’s brand new small push-up sports bra, Elizabeth, is perfect for you! The Elizabeth bra is a lightly contoured, and breathable, sports bra that will give your breasts the support and shape you need at the gym. Her attractive silhouette will make you feel sexy even while you’re working it out! Elizabeth is available in three colors: black, petal, and ivory. Who could forget our best-selling bra, Lucia bra? Lucia, the must-have little push-up bra for every petite woman’s closet! She rates ***3 Stars on our padding scale. With her flattering, cleavage- enhancing, deep-plunge style, and convertible straps, the Lucia will go perfect with virtually any day or night time outfit! She comes in 8 signature colors, including black and nude as well as a luscious red; but this spring, The Little Bra Company is introducing Lucia in two BRAND NEW fashion color combinations: geranium/nude and hyacinth/mink. These bright and flirty colors will make every spring outfit more fun! A lead behind the study, Professor Geoff Beattie said, “My hope is that this research might deter women from seeking more drastic solutions to improve their confidence, such as breast augmentation, because it proves for the first time that what women wear can positively affect their behaviour,” We, at The Little Bra Company, couldn’t agree more. So before you get a boob job, please consider trying on a bra from The Little Bra Company first. You might find you can get all the confidence you need from one of our specialty push-up bras. How do you feel about the study conducted? Do push-up bras make you more confident? Feel free to share your thoughts, as well as your favorite Little Bra Company small bra!