Lingerie Lessons | Buying Lingerie Online admin April 5, 2016
Lingerie Lessons | Buying Lingerie Online

Lingerie Lessons | Buying Lingerie Online

No matter if it’s in person or online your lingerie shopping experience should be about fun, fashion, and feeling good in your own skin!

The beauty of e-commerce shopping is that it can happen on the move, during lunch, during your commute, or right before bed. Despite the convenience, online lingerie shopping brings with it, its own set of challenges – what is the correct size? How will that feel on? Is the color really that blue? What online shopping offers in convenience and variety, it balances out with the risk of buying without trying on. Here are a few TLBC Tips to make online lingerie shopping less about stress and more about feeling good!

  • DO take time to learn your sizeif you don’t have time to get fitted in person, then we have size tips. We also recommend basing your purchases off the size of your favorite fitting bra. It is also important to understand the basic rules of a good fitting bra. Review basic bra fitting rules before you shop!
  • DON’T assume you will wear the same size across all styles – Bra bands, straps, and cups all change shape and fit depending on the style. Make sure to read the description and all other fit information available for the styles you like and adjust your size choice accordingly!
  • DO read customer reviews – Customer reviews will help you better understand the ins and outs of a bra style straight from the horses mouth. If you aren’t sure about a style read the reviews!
  • DO order styles that you know you like – Not all styles work for every body type. It is important to find those few key styles/cuts that work well on your frame and to focus your purchases on those styles. Interested in trying something new? Then take the time to really understand the shape and fit of the style and use all size tips and fit tips available!
  • DON’T order sets right off the bat! – We love the perfect set as much as you, but until you are sure you like the fit of the bra, don’t buy the underwear! TLBC does not accept returns on panties (see our full return policy here). We recommend ordering the bras first and then when you find your fit, come back for the perfect matching panty!


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