Lingerie Lessons | Most Frequently Asked Questions admin April 17, 2016
Lingerie Lessons | Most Frequently Asked Questions


How to tell if your narrow set or wide set? What if my fingers are touching my breast? What if they sit on top of the breast tissue?

It’s Finger Test time! – if you can fit more than 2 fingers between your breasts you have a wider-set chest. Styles such as Yvonne and Lisa will sit on your frame comfortably while supporting and lifting your breast tissue naturally. If your fingers are touching or ret on top of the breast tissue than you are narrow set and should focus on styles such as Angela and Lucia – These styles will fit comfortably across your chest and shoulders while lifting and supporting your breast in a way that is most complimentary to your frame.

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Why do you suggest adding 4 to the ribcage size?

A little different from the norm, we know! But always remember TLBC designs for petites – so our styles are scaled differently from the average bra style. So we ask that you add for to supplement for this design difference.

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What do you mean by removable cookies?

Removable cookies are a piece of padding that can be moved and adjusted to your preference. This feature helps you control the lift of the style and can help our soft couple styles be perfect for both day and night!

I received a 34A it is too tight around my chest. The cup is great what size should I try?

You could try a 36A or another similar style that has more stretch in the band in a 34A. It is important to keep in mind that the band will stretch with wear – and a fit that is a little snug at the start is not a bad thing!

What is it about the style and fit of the cup that will ensure a perfect fit on a 32A bust?

TLBC designs for the petite customer – Our band, strap, and cup measurements are done to fit and flatter the petite frame specifically. Depending on your frame you will find that our styles will work to comfortably support, lift, and flatter your breasts. Our 32A is one of most popular sizes and, like all our sizes, the cups will flatter and enhance your natural shape.

I currently have the Sascha Nude Lace in a 34B. Would the Lucia have similar sizing

We would recommend trying the 32C in the Lucia. But do note that the Sascha smooth band runs large compared to the Lucia band. If you like a looser fit in the band you may find you want to size up in the Lucia band. Final thoughts, if you are currently wearing a 32B in the sascha go up a cup size in Lucia.

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What does it mean to have petite breast?

In the world of intimate apparel petite means more than being simply  5’4″ and under. In this industry petite refers to your frame and chest size. We have many taller customers who have a smaller rib cage and/or bust frame who fit our smaller designs as well as the women who are shorter in stature. Petite breasts are those who have less breast tissue, smaller frames, and/or both!


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