Refresh & Reboot | The Joy’s of Summer admin May 29, 2016
Refresh & Reboot | The Joy’s of Summer


Summer is in the air! As we bask in the joy of a Holiday weekend and kick-off the sun-kissed months we all love so much, everything begins to feel new. Summer, a little like New Years, brings with it a sense that anything is possible, that anything could happen.

So as you embrace the joy and get, maybe, just a bit giddy about the months ahead the TLBC Team wants to share a few things we love most about summer…

All Day Beach Days – okay maybe your version is at a pool, or a lake, but no matter the water source we love those days where you get up early, get a prime spot in the sun, and just soak in the vitamin D.
[Boozy] Brunch – having a great brunch spot, or maybe a few great spots, can be a game changer on Summer Sundays. We love taking our time in the morning and then sitting down to a leisurely meal with friends, eating delicious food, and maybe partaking in a mimosa or two ; )
Weekend Trips – Summer tends to be the season of travel and weddings. People find themselves jumping all around in June, July, and August trying to see and do everything they can think of. We love that Summer tends to ring out people’s sense of adventure and traveler spirit.
Lazy Sunny Mornings – These are must pretty much year around, but for those that don’t live in the disgustingly delightful Southern California climate – Summer is the most opportune time for these perfect mornings. Staying in bed for hours, sipping coffee as the sun starts to stream through your window, enjoying having nothing to do or nowhere to be for just a morning, is a great way to re-center yourself and shake off any lingering tension from the past week.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



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