Lingerie Lessons | Lingerie TLC admin June 9, 2016
Lingerie Lessons | Lingerie TLC


I’m sure you’ve heard it all when it comes to how to best care for your lingerie. From ‘to machine wash or not to machine wash,’ to when to chuck and replace. There are numerous tips and tricks out there. What works for you depends on your lifestyle and lingerie needs. So instead of telling you what you must-do, here are a few methods the TLBC Team uses to give our lingerie some TLC. 


Spin Cycle? 


Whether by machine, salad mixer, or hand we’ve done it all! But let’s be real, hand washing isn’t always an option – whose got the time! – we don’t all own a salad mixer – maybe its on the buy list? – so machine washing is a bit inevitable. If we are machine washing we always do the following –
  • Use a lingerie bag (here or here)
  • Hook the closure on all bras (don’t want to catch any seams!)
  • Wash on delicate cycle (cool water) and preferably with a gentle detergent
  • Always hang to dry! The dryer is the bras worst enemy!
If you do have time for some quality hand washing time check out TLBC Founder, Emily Lau giving a bra washing tutorial here!


Storage Wars? 


Ahhh the lingerie drawer – sometimes the prettiest drawer we have and sometimes a lace and spandex free for all! Listen, we are not always going to have a perfectly organized lingerie drawer because…life. But a few things we do always strive to do –
  • Separate the molded cups- molded cups can crease and lose their shape if they are not stored properly. So be sure to keep the molded cups together!
  • Great tip for keeping the bra shape is to tuck balled panties and socks in the bra cups to help keep it crisp!
  • If you do like to be organized, try drawer dividers! We love these or these.


Who Wore It Best?

We all have our favorite bra (or maybe a few), it’s comfortable, flattering, supportive, everything a good bra should be. We want to wear it day after day because it makes a lady (and the ladies) feel good! Sad truth bomb alert – this is not a good idea. Your bras need recovery time (just like you – after a certain type of night). A day or two off between wears allow the elasticity to last longer and the bra to get back to its original shape. Answer to this bra wearing dilemma – when you find that fantastic fit – double up! Get a few of your favorite so everyday is a good bra day!

Here’s to making your lingerie last longer!!


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