Refresh & Reboot | Back To Basics admin June 24, 2016
Refresh & Reboot | Back To Basics

As summer breezes along and we bask in the warmth and weekends of fun, it is important to remember that sometimes we all need to bring it back to the basics. Whether that means spending time with family, reconnecting with beloved friends, having some quality alone time, or little bit of everything, these moments can help us recenter and refocus.

The TLBC Team are big fans of taking a deep breath and focusing on the simple –  here a few small things we recommend doing to help bring it back to basics, every once in awhile…


Focus on your breathing –  Sound kinda simple!? Well that’s because it is. This exercise is simple and incredibly effective. If you ever find yourself getting a little over stressed, overwhelmed, or simply overstimulated – concentrate on slow deep breaths. Use your diaphragm to draw in large breaths and slowly exhale. It is amazing what this simple moment of control can do for your mind and body!


Eat a snack – Okay, we didn’t just include this because we love food, which we do! It is scientifically proven that there is a strong connection between the brain and the gut. Choose a snack that will fill you up (in a good way). Some great nutritious options are avocado, nuts, and apples. You could also use this as a moment to treat yourself to your favorite sweet or salty yummness! While you’re munching think about the taste and texture, take this time to allow your brain to focus on this simple task – it will make everything seem better we swear!


See a close friend – Your BFF is good for you – science says so : ) Seeing a good friend can help in a multitude of ways. They can be a great sounding board for any issues and stresses in your life. What’s more, they are a wonderful way to escape the stress and have a few moments of unhindered fun!


Take a walk – We aren’t just saying this so you’ll leave, scout’s honor. A quick 10-minute walk can help you mentally and physically remove yourself from stress and give you a concrete time to focus on yourself!


Don’t discount how important feeling centered is. The way you feel on your own, about yourself, and with yourself will affect your work and relationships even when you try not to let it! These easy steps, plus more can really help you, keep you, feeling good!


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