Lingerie Lessons | Strapless Stress Relief admin August 10, 2016
Lingerie Lessons | Strapless Stress Relief

#StraplessStress is a real thing! The slow slide down the back, the accidental nip slip, the cup runnith over, losing the ability to breath because the band is so tight…any of these sound like you? Well, while we may not be miracle workers, here are a few things that may may help you out!

Okay, first order of business…When wearing a strapless you may have to resign yourself to a slightly tighter fit in the band, especially if your someone who prefers a secure fit for the ladies. The fit of the band is key, so listen up, play around with sizing for your strapless!! Lingerie is never a one size fits all, right? So why would your strapless be any different!

Now, while the aim is to always find the fit that passes the jump, jig, and jog test we are realists and even the best strapless can stretch or succumb to the allure of gravity! With that in mind you may want to avoid using powder or applying topical creams to your chest prior to wear.

Next up, look for well constructed garments! ideally you want a wider band and support and structure throughout the cup. Strapless bras need to be balanced and have a level of structural consistency throughout the design. This well help the bra not only stay up but fit and flatter your frame.

And last, but certainly not least, is one of the TLBC teams favorite tips, take care of your strapless bra! Hand wash when you can and use a lingerie bag when you can’t. Lay it flat to dry and remember – bra’s should be replaced every 6-months. So if you find that miracle strapless bra maybe buy more than one… just sayin’!

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