VA-VA-VOOM! | 5 Must-have Push-up Bras admin March 3, 2017
VA-VA-VOOM! | 5 Must-have Push-up Bras

Padding or no padding? That is the question! Luckily, TLBC offers a great variety of bras from non-padded to maximum padding (TLBC Padding Scale) to meet the needs of all of our petite customers. Today, we are focusing on the bras that add a bit more “oomph” to your petite figure!

When wanting that extra boost, you can count on TLBC bras to create volume and maximum cleavage to make the most of you’ve got naturally.

For those looking to create unbelievable cleavage with our level 4-5 padded bras, here are the five TLBC styles we recommend.

1. “Catherinevavavoom post- Catherine (1)Our newest maximum push-up bra “Catherine” has removable padding and convertible straps that allow you to adjust the shape and lift depending on your mood.

2.  “Evie” Evie-VAVA POSTThis petite demi-cup bra provides a lot of oomph and options. “Evie” comes with optional push-up pads for an extra boost to your little bra.

3. “Caressa” vavavoom post- Caressa

This demi-cup bra provides a smooth silhouette and boosted décolletage with its contoured push-up padding. The front closure gives you extra cleavage and the decorative racerback gives you extra options.

4. “Isis”  Isis -VAVA POST“Isis” is the perfect t-shirt bra with maximum push-up.

5.“KaiaKaia -VAVA POST

“Kaia” has contoured padding with additional removable push-up pads so you can control your boost level.

Do you love these maximum push-up bras? Let us know your favorite by emailing us at

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