TLBC Style | Not Your Mother’s Slip admin July 21, 2017
TLBC Style | Not Your Mother’s Slip

Every few decades fashion trends reemerge on the runway with a “modern” twist. From the high-waist trousers to mules everything, finds its way back into our closet like it never left.

As fashion changes one thing that stays consistent is the importance of proper fitting undergarments, which in turn is truly the foundation to a better-looking outfit. One item that should make its way back out from the bottom of your lingerie drawer is the slip chemise. When wearing a lightweight dress, the slip is the first thing you should put on to prevent clinging and to create a more smooth silhouette and polished look.

Yes, our grandmothers and mothers wore slips, but as you know, they really do know best. Still, the slip you wear today doesn’t have to be your grandmother’s slip. Here are some ways to update the slip and make it a part of your daily lingerie wardrobe again.

Reasons why we love the “slip”…

Slip/chemise provide the perfect foundation under skirts and special occasion dresses.

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Lucia Slip black cropped Lucia Slip/Chemise

Slip/chemise are comfortable and lightweight therefore, they are great for sleeping in. So ditch the over-sized t-shirt and wear your chemise to bed.

From innerwear to outerwear, slip/chemise can double as a top or dress for an on trend fashionable look.

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Slips can also be used in layering for pops of color or texture.

Slips are more lightweight than shapers. You can still get a smooth silhouette without the squish and squeeze. Just say ahhhh.

Gone are the days we think of our grandmother’s when wearing a slip/chemise. The slip is back and better than ever!

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