TLBC Style | Top 10 selling bras of 2017 admin January 1, 2018
TLBC Style | Top 10 selling bras of 2017

2017 marked the 10-year anniversary of The Little Bra Company. From what started with the creation of one signature bra named “Lucia” has now grown into a collection of over 50 bra styles and growing!

As we end the year we want to countdown our top 10 selling bras of 2017. 10…9…8…Let’s begin!


  1. Isis

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“Isis” the not so basic smooth-cup bra begins our list of the top selling styles of 2017. With it’s maximum push-up level and simple appearance “Isis” is the go-to when you want the best of both worlds.


  1. Lucia (Signature)

The Little Bra Company 03181426152 copy copy

This sexy, deep-plunge push-up has held its title for the past 10 years as one of the best selling bras from The Little Bra Company. Available in over a dozen colors, “Lucia” is the perfect introductory bra for closer-set TLBC newbies!

  1. Catherine (Smooth)

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When you want the va-va-voom “Catherine” is the bra you grab. “Catherine” is sophisticated yet the eyelash lace detail adds a beautiful feminine touch. This bra is definitely a great addition to your lingerie wardrobe for those days you want a little extra oomph!


  1. Ethel

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All hail the cut-and-sew bra. Re-introduced in Spring 2017 in new colors and eyelash lace, “Ethel” has remained a fan favorite because of its amazing fit! This demi-cup bra has higher rise under the arms to smooth out your sides while pushing your breasts forward to create miraculous cleavage.


  1. Kaia


Moving from the number 10 spot last year to the number 6 spot this year, “Kaia” is claiming its place with TLBC fans! This petite t-shirt bra has contoured padding with additional removable push-up pads so you can control your boost level. It also features a power mesh back band that is ultra-smoothing, and convertible straps that make this bra perfect to wear with many different tops!


  1. Angela

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Popular even amongst AA-customers, “Angela” is the t-shirt bra you’ll want to wear everyday. The deep-plunge cups are molded to fit your breasts perfectly, and the lightly contoured padding will give you just the right amount of cleavage in a classic style. No wonder why customers love it!


  1. Mercedes

E009_Mercedes_PEARL BRA


Comfort meets style with “Mercedes.” Not only is this bra pretty, but it also provides the perfect décolletage for scoop neck and lower-cut tops. Customers love “Mercedes” because it’s an easy fit. Once you try it you’ll want one in each color.


  1. Sascha

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Of course our petite strapless tops the list. “Sascha” should be a staple in every petite woman’s wardrobe. If you are in need of a strapless bra that will provide cleavage and stay in place “Sascha” has got you covered…literally.


  1. Lea

NUDE copy

Finally the perfect wire-free bra and TLBC fans agree! “Lea” has grown to become a TLBC favorite. Similar to our popular sports bra “Elizabeth,” “Lea” gives shape and cleavage without the underwire. “Lea” is a definite must-have.


  1. Yvonne

Sunset chaser

At the top spot for the second year in a row is “Yvonne.” This t-shirt bra not only provides you with a smooth silhouette but it so comfortable that you’ll want to wear it everyday!



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