Journal Notes from Emily @Home | Staycation admin May 23, 2020
Journal Notes from Emily @Home | Staycation

It’s time to turn stay-at-home into a true staycation. Although I have been at home since mid-
March, it hasn’t quite felt like a vacation. Actually, I feel like I am busier than ever juggling work,
coordinating home school for the kids, and still cooking dinner every night!

For the past six weeks, my partner created a new BBQ dining area/patio in our backyard. It is
beautiful–surrounded by new vegetable beds and topped with twinkling lights. We really can’t
wait until we can start inviting our friends and family over to enjoy it together.

In the meantime, we are getting it prepared for a more intimate Memorial Day BBQ. I’m inviting
my fellow hunker-downers who have literally stuck with me (because they were forced to) for
the past seven weeks. We are going to put some meat on the grill, play some badminton and
cook s’mores over our restored fire pit. In addition, I am going to escape to our little outdoor
reading corner and spend a few hours with a fancy cocktail and a magazine. I can’t wait!

Indeed, we’ve all been through a lot this spring, so as the season, and hopefully, the number of
Covid-19 cases wanes, we are looking forward to what’s ahead. It’s time we enjoyed what we
have built during this quarantine.. Whether you built a new patio or built stronger bonds with
your family, we hope you will celebrate this long weekend with good vibes.

We’ve come up with a list of other staycation ideas:
1. Take a scenic drive. Why not pick up lunch at a drive-thru en route too?
2. Pitch a tent in your backyard. Haul your gear out of the garage and go camping.
3. Have a spa day. Get some face masks (the other kind) and mani/pedi supplies and hide
out in your candlelit bathroom for a few hours.
4. Enjoy a movie marathon. Don’t forget the popcorn and movie candies!
5. See a live performance (online). Here is a link to a list of them.
6. Have a food tasting. Order meals from some restaurants you have been wanting to try
and have it delivered to your home.
7. Play a game tournament. Whether it’s cards or board games, get competitive and win
prizes you have in your gift cabinet.
8. Turn on the sprinklers. Grab some water soakers and cool off the old-fashioned way.
9. Learn the Joy of Painting. Order some canvases, paint brushes and paints, and go to Bob
Ross’ YouTube Channel for hours of joy.
10. Have zero plans. You’re welcome.

Please send us your ideas too! I think we’ve all learned you don’t have to go very far to still
have fun.

And, to all of the military men and women whom we all owe this holiday to…Thank you for your
service and sacrifice!

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