Journal Notes from Emily@Home | I’m Ready for My Close-Up admin June 16, 2020
Journal Notes from Emily@Home | I’m Ready for My Close-Up

Although many businesses have started the process of re-opening, many people are
still WFH and video conferencing, whether we like it or not, has become the new norm.
Even if it isn’t for work, Zoom, Google Meet and other apps are making it easy to stay in
touch—face to face, virtually. For example, I recently hosted a birthday party for a friend
who lives 3000 miles away in Canada in what I called the Zoom Zoom Room. Friends
from all over the world joined and it was BYO cocktail. I asked guests to dress up for
screenshots and party shots, and we actually got to catch up with more people than we
would have could we have met in person.

Whether for work or pleasure, I’ve spent more time in front of the camera than even my
days as a broadcast journalist major in college. With so much face time, I have figured
out a few tips to help you look your best on screen. Now, I’m not saying you need to get
all glam. After all, @home still calls for comfort, but here are a few ways to get
maximum effect for little effort.

prop your screen a little higher than your eyeline

1) Brush on a little powder, do your eyebrows and wear lipstick. It’s amazing what these
three little things can do to brighten your face. Currently, I need to wear reading
glasses, so I bought some bold, flattering ones at Peepers online and they also do the
trick. The bonuses to these glasses are they filter out blue light from extended screen
time, and are anti-glare so your audience doesn’t see your screen reflection on your
lenses. They also hide my eyelids, so I don’t need to do any eye make-up, but I still make sure
my eyebrows and lips have color on them.

2) Position your computer or phone at eye level or slightly above. Just use some books
or a box to prop up your screen so you are almost looking up at it. You know the
common selfie hack…raise the hand with your phone at a 45-degree angle, higher than
your face, and somehow it makes your chin look more slender? Well, the same rule
applies here. Now, you can’t hold your phone in perfect selfie position for an entire
conference call, but you can position it slightly above your eyeline to create a similar,
more flattering effect overall. Oh, and make sure the clutter behind you is removed or
cleaned up. That is, unless you really want to air out your dirty laundry in public…

3) Lighting matters. You don’t need a ring light to get the right effect. Just make sure
you place a lamp with a soft bulb in front of your face behind your computer or phone
screen that you are looking at. Or, sit in front of a window that has full natural light. You
don’t want to sit with the sun behind you, though, because that will make you look like a
dark silhouette. I do my video conferencing meetings at my vanity where I installed two
IKEA LED light strips that flank my mirror, and then I open my curtains to the glass
French doors so some natural light comes in through one side to create what the
professionals call “fill light” to help reduce shadows on my face.

4) Finally, get dressed.

  • I know you are at home and the last thing you want to do is put on a pair of tight jeans…or for some, even wear a bra, but here are some outfit ideas
    that don’t involve buttoning up…Of course, you can still wear your yoga pants, but here
    are some suggestions for what to wear on top: Wear a top with a solid warm color like teal or coral. Avoid all white, red or black.The exposure on cameras does funny things to these colors and can either make you look like you are glowing in white, or a bit shapeless in black.
  • If you really want to wear a print, make it bold. Avoid tight prints and pinstripes
    because they will create “waves” on camera.
  •  Keep it comfortable but interesting. Stylish doesn’t mean it has to be
    uncomfortable. Even if you still want to wear a sweatshirt, wear one with a little
    shape and a puff sleeve or light ruffle.
  • Keep your jewelry simple and classic. Whatever you wear, please remember to wear a bra. After all, this is The Little Bra Company you are talking to, and we always recommend wearing a bra especially when on camera with your colleagues and friends. No matter what size your breasts may be, a bra will help lift you up—physically and energetically, and provide you with a bit of coverage as well. So, give your PJ’s a break, and consider adding a little oomph and style to what you are wearing from the waist up.

WFH journal outfit collage

What are you wearing for video conference calls? Do you have any tips you want to

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