FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, I quit my job as a television writer/producer and turned the guestroom of our house into The Little Bra Company headquarters. At first, it was just me in there, designing bras, making cold sales calls and building a website. Starting up a company was a 24-7 job, but I loved it from the very beginning. I was creating something that could make women like myself feel and look better. The Little Bra Company was the first brand on the market dedicated to creating a bra for the petite and smaller frame. The first collection had five styles in sizes 32 to 36, in A and B cups only.

We’ve learned a lot from our customers in 15 years, and now understand that even within the petite size range, that there are different body types and shapes. Therefore, now we design bras that are specifically better for wider-set breasts or closer-set breasts. Today, the collection has grown to include 21 bra sizes, offering the most customized fit for the smaller chest and body type. We also provide fashionable and stylish options for you to build a complete bra wardrobe. After all, you deserve more than ONE bra in your size!

Today, we ship to retail partners around the world, and I am thankful to these small business owners for not only giving TLBC a chance, but for giving smaller customers a more personalized fit experience with more size and style options from The Little Bra Company.

The ride is still bumpy sometimes, especially in the last two years, but I believe in the old adage: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” After 15 years, TLBC is stronger and better than ever. Although I am proud of the collection of bras and brand that I created, I am actually most proud of the team I have built over the years. I work with a group of dedicated, talented and creative women from diverse backgrounds and varying bra sizes. Through it all, I know I can count on all of them to put the TLBC customer first—from design to shipping. It is a pleasure to come to work with these people every day, and TLBC would not exist without them. So, on this fifteenth anniversary, I want to thank them and you for your years of loyalty and support!

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