The Little Bra Company Poem Contest! admin August 8, 2011
The Little Bra Company Poem Contest!

Hey TLBC fans!

We have a fun, creative way you gals can express your love for The Little Bra Company!
Write a poem about the company using as many of our keywords you can fit: petite bras, small bras, bras for small breasts, petite lingerie.
The number of keywords you use will determine how many times your name will be in the raffle.
The winner will receive a free bra and panty set of their choice!

So start writing ladies! Contest ends August 30, 2011.

Here’s an example of a poem we wrote about The Little Bra Company:

All my life I’ve struggled to find,
the perfect fitting bra for this petite body of mine.
I searched and searched with all my might.
Till one day I stumbled across an amazing website. represents the “A-Team” society.
Their styles and colors come in a wide variety.
Lucia, Georgette, and Yvonne make my breasts feel fine.
While Bijou, Sascha, and Isis, make my small breasts touch the sky.
I can’t explain just how amazing I feel.
These bras really are a very big deal.
So whether you’re an A, B, or even a C.
The Little Bra Company has the perfect size for a petite girl like me.