Journal Notes from Emily @Home | Date Night at Home admin April 18, 2020
Journal Notes from Emily @Home | Date Night at Home

It’s been a month since we transitioned into WFH-mode, and I am so grateful that so many of
you are still following us and even buying bras from us. Your purchases and support help us stay
busy and working, so we can’t thank you enough. Actually, I find myself busier than ever. I have
regular work hours, lessons with my daughter, daily 30-minute workouts, and the occasional
virtual “happy hour” with friends. But, recently, I realized that I was neglecting a very important

We weren’t planning on it, but my partner and I had a date night this weekend. After a busy day
of Easter activities including an indoor egg hunt for our five-year-old, a ham lunch with all the
fixings, and drive-by visits/deliveries of our lunch leftovers to family and friends nearby, I was
exhausted. So, I ordered Chinese takeout from one of our local favorites.

I wrote in one of my earlier blog entries that one of the silver linings to this stay-at-home order
was being able to cook dinner and eat with my family around the dining table every night. Well,
fast forward to two weeks later, and I was ready for a change that I didn’t even know I needed.
On Sunday night, our daughter really wanted to watch Trolls World Tour (for the fifth time)
with her uncle via FaceTime.

So, my partner and I found ourselves at the dining table by ourselves. Instead of dragging our
daughter kicking and screaming from watching her movie to the dining table to eat dinner with
us, my partner dimmed the dining room lights, lit some candles and poured wine for both of us.
It was the most romantic thing he’s done for me since the lockdown (next to doing all the
laundry, of course). Even though my daughter was just 10 feet away, we felt a whole other
world away, enjoying a leisurely meal and each other.

It’s been such a frantic time, trying to make things that are not normal, normal…that I totally
forgot how good it feels to just have some time to have adult conversation and to connect with
him. We do see each other more than we ever have, but in between the work, home schooling,
and garden projects, there really hasn’t been much quality time for us. I’m glad that this
spontaneous date night occurred because it is a reminder that we need it more than we know,
and more than ever.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 7.11.28 PM

Here are some other date night @home ideas…

1. Have a picnic on the living room floor or backyard.
2. Have a cooking challenge.
3. Have a wine or whiskey tasting party.
4. Take a bubble bath together.
5. Watch a live concert together on YouTube or other streaming platform.
6. Order in dessert from your favorite restaurant.
7. Make future travel plans together.
8. Do a puzzle together.

9. Go stargazing outside.
10. Learn your love languages. You can take the quiz for free here and purchase the book

Have you had date night @home? Let us know your date night ideas!
Stay well. Stay home. Stay connected.

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