Fabulous Friday | Girls Night Out Cocktail Favorites! admin January 10, 2014
Fabulous Friday | Girls Night Out Cocktail Favorites!

Fabulous Friday! The weekend is upon us, and the TLBC Team is ready to let loose a little! A weekend favorite here at TLBC is Girls Night Out!! We love a night devoted to some good ole female fun. A night of looking fabulous, boy gushing and/or crushing, and a few cocktails for those of us who enjoy them! Today we would like to share a few of our favorite girly cocktails! These drinks are all things feminine, fruity, and flirty, making them the perfect choice. 1. The Stiletto I mean really, the name alone makes it the perfect choice! But even without the killer name this drink is 100% girly and 100% delicious! There are a few versions of this cocktail, below is our favorite. Includes: Gin, blackberries, Monin vanilla syrup, lime juice and ginger ale Full recipe here

  2. Liquid Romance The name is a little eh we know…but bear with us! For those ladies who love all things sweet and pink this is the drink for you. It is also a great Valentines Day drink! Includes: Currant flavored vodka, champagne, raspberry schnapps, and lime juice Full recipe here

  3. Loose Goose – This is for all those calorie conscience ladies. If you want to enjoy a cocktail with your girls but don’t want to ruin that diet your FINALLY sticking to, or if you simply enjoy a lighter drink, this is the perfect choice! Includes: Grey Goose vodka, mountain blast powerade, and sprite (Change the powerade to change the flavor and color!) Full recipe here

4. Pink Lady – Drum roll, please… This is the TLBC Team favorite! This scrumptious cocktail is all class and totally kicks shhhh. A little harder to make but totally worth the effort, the Pink Lady is sure to make your Friday FABULOUS! Includes: Gin, applejack, grenadine, fresh squeezed lemon, egg white Full recipe here