Fabulous Friday | Charity Spotlight admin October 24, 2014
Fabulous Friday | Charity Spotlight

#BreastCancerAwareness | Charity Spotlight

The Foundation For Living Beauty

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, The Little Bra Company has teamed up with an amazing Southern California based non-profit organization, The Foundation for Living Beauty” who is truly dedicated in enriching, empowering and educating women and their fight against cancer.  Their mission is to empower women to increase their physical and emotional stability, while coping with the challenging effects of cancer. The Foundation for Living Beauty sets themselves apart from other cancer- support organizations by the use of their social and physical elements that they incorporate into their program. The foundations “Living Beauties” have the opportunity to participate in Wellness Retreats that are intended to transport the participants out of their everyday habits of coping into a relaxing, and peaceful environment where they are shown how to fully immerse themselves into a holistic lifestyle that they can incorporate into their everyday lives.  From special healthy menu’s, co-education workshops and classes, every aspect of their stay is intended to envelop Living Beauties with healthy and compassionate care. Wellness retreats offer “treatments of a different kind.” Including relaxing meditation, y4c (yoga for cancer) art therapy cancer prevention alternative medicine, lifestyle consultations to help love, support, and heal these beautiful and courageous women. Not only are these Living Beauties treated to an internal uplift, Living Beauties are treated to lots of beauty! Each and every individual Living Beauty is gifted a hairstyle of their choice from Dena Cali’s collection of beautiful wigs, a head to toe makeover, and the chance to participate in The Foundation for Living Beauties “Day of Living Beauty” professional photo shoot! Do you know a fearless cancer survivor that could benefit from these encouraging programs? The Foundation for Living Beauty has two upcoming events.

1. Fall Sip-N-Talk Series.

Join the Foundation For Living Beauties Wednesday, October 29th and every following Wednesday for the next 6 weeks at the Sidewalk Café in Los Robles, Pasadena, CA from 10 am to 11:30 am. The Sip-N-Talk Series will focus on discussions of Brene Brown’s ‘The Gifts of Imperfections.’ The book is centered on the idea of living your life from a place of worthiness and belonging and how vulnerability allows you to embrace the real you.  RSVP by email to intern@livingbeauty.org!

2. The Goddess Wellness Retreat 2014

November 9th– 12th at La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, California.  Living Beauties will spend four days expanding their definition and lens’ on wellness. From chakras to sacred dancing, The Foundation for Living Beauties will spend their time “unplugging” from mental-knowing and tapping into the knowing within their bodies.  Click here to join the waitlist!   This month TLBC is featuring a 15% discount when you use code THINKPINK! 15% of the sale proceeds will be donated to The Foundation For Living Beauty.

  So, what are you waiting for? Shop and get involved now! Donate Here to help these beautiful women in need!   XOXO, The Little Bra Company