Refresh & Reboot | Benefits of Yoga admin October 5, 2016
Refresh & Reboot | Benefits of Yoga

In honor of national yoga month we’re providing you with some surprising benefits of doing down dog. Yoga is a great form of exercise with no gym membership required. Just because summer has come to an end, does not mean exercising should no longer be a focus. Besides it’s never too early to get ready for next season!

So grab your Elizabeth sports bra and exercise mat, and let’s get started!

Metabolism – Practicing yoga regularly helps maintain a balanced and more efficient metabolism.

Emotional Wellness– Feeling a little down? Yoga can provide exactly what you need to feel better. Studies have proven that yoga can benefit those who may be under tremendous stress, depression or other emotional issues.

Weight Control– Whatever your goals are, doing yoga regularly helps you accomplish and maintain a healthy weight.

Beautiful Skin– Did you know that one of the leading causes of skin issues is stress? Yoga is a proven stress reliever. So take a deep ujja breath and let go all that tension.

Blood Pressure– Yoga gets your blood flowing and that is good for all of us. Reduce your blood pressure all while having fun doing it.

Energy Boost – Skip the energy drinks. Doing a few minutes of yoga a day can give you the shot of energy to get through a busy day.

Better Sleep– Do a little yoga before bedtime. It will help you relax and unwind.

It’s for everyone– Yoga has no age limit. You can practice yoga in the comfort of your own home (check out the yoga classes on or in a class. It’s an easy way of exercising that everyone can take part in.

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