Lingerie Lessons | All About the Seams: What is a cut-and-sew bra? admin February 22, 2017
Lingerie Lessons | All About the Seams: What is a cut-and-sew bra?

When adding a bra to your lingerie wardrobe it is important to understand the structure of the bra, so you can choose the bra that will work best for your body type and lifestyle.

One bra style that we simply love at The Little Bra Company is the cut-and-sew bra. A cut and sewn bra has specially designed cups to give the petite figure shape and support with structured seaming. Unlike a mold-cup that is usually made of one piece of foam formed like the shape of a breast, this bra cup style is made up of two or three separate pieces of fabric that are sewn together to create a supportive cup. The cut-and-sew bra is usually softer and more versatile. Instead of the bra shaping your breast, your breast shapes the bra to give you a more natural-looking, yet uplifted silhouette without the gapping you can sometimes get with a mold-cup bra.

If you don’t like padding, but still want support and shape, a cut-and-sew bra is a good choice for you. However, if you still want the option of a push-up bra, all of TLBC’s cut-and-sew bra styles have optional/removable padding that allow you to control the “oomph” factor.

We know that all breasts are not created equal, so the cut-and-sew bra is also a great solution for asymmetrical breasts. Just remove the padding on the side with the fuller breast and tighten the strap on the side with the smaller breast to create a balanced bustline.

Make the most of what you got with styles like Ethel, Elaine, Ellie, Courtney and Nicole. These cut-and-sew bras feature full cups that have a higher rise under the arms to give better coverage on the sides, while pushing your breasts forward to create miraculous cleavage and a curvier silhouette to a smaller figure.

The Little Bra Company Tabletop 100916 0078

Pictured: “Ethel” Linen


The Little Bra Co Tabletop 072516 0028


Pictured: “Elaine” Purple Orchid/Dusty Rose
The Little Bra Company 03181426123 copy


Pictured: “Ellie” Almond

The Little Bra Company 03181426136 copy

Pictured: “Courtney” Dusty Lilac/Nude

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.46.14 AM


Picture: “Nicole” Hyacinth/Mink

With so many great features there’s no reason not to love a bra with seams!

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