Lingerie Lessons | TLBC Padding Scale admin February 24, 2017
Lingerie Lessons | TLBC Padding Scale

Whether you’re looking for a little or a lot, one of our most frequently asked questions is, what is the padding level of our bras? The Little Bra Company’s padding scale ranges from 0-5, with 0 being unlined and 5 adding the most volume and cleavage. Each level of padding gives you a graduated lift providing the perfect natural contour.

TLBC offers a wide variety of bras that cater to the specific wants and needs of the petite customer. We’re here to break down the scale for you, and give you information about what each level means. Make the most of what you’ve got in all of bras whether you like them padded or not!

Padding level 0-1: “I don’t like much padding.”

We understand there are some occasions when our petite customers don’t want or need the extra padding or contouring, but do want the support of an underwire or a lightly lined cup.


          Pictured: Annika, Georgette, Alana and Lea

Padding Level 2-3: “I like some push-up.”

For the customers who want a bit more volume, contour and lift.


Pictured: Julia, Yvonne, Lucia and Angela


Padding Level 4-5: “Give me the most you’ve got!”

For those who want to add an extra boost to their wardrobe our level 4-5 padded bras are the answer. Add unbelievable va-va-voom to your petite frame with styles that add the most volume and create the most cleavage.


Pictured: Catherine, Caressa, Evie and Isis

We think every bra wardrobe deserves a bra from each level. Every woman needs a bit of variety! Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at

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