Refresh & Reboot | Spring Travel Tips admin March 23, 2017
Refresh & Reboot | Spring Travel Tips

 Planning your next getaway?  Here are a few tips we think will help you have the most enjoyable experience possible! 

1. Research

You’ve got the time off. Now, where to go? Do you want to travel to a different state, a different country or perhaps travel a few miles from your humble abode and have a staycation? Narrow down your options by deciding how much time you can allow for your trip and your budget. Then, research your location to make sure it is the right time of the year to travel to the particular destination.

2. Book in Advance & Save.

You’ve narrowed down the location and now it’s time to secure your travel arrangements. The earlier you are able to finalize your accommodation, the better as you can take advantage of discounted offers for booking in advance. Keep in mind spring and summer months are the peak time of travel, so plan ahead or book your trip just the week before peak season starts or the week after peak season ends. The costs usually drop by at least 30% and it is usually less crowded.

3. Live Like a Local 

If you’re traveling to a major city like Los Angeles, Miami, or New York hotels can sometimes be expensive for an extended stay (even when booking in advance). Try out a hospitality service like or, and stay in a unique home or condo. This is a great option when traveling with larger families or groups because the listed homes usually have multiple bedrooms for less than booking multiple rooms at a hotel. Plus, why not have the comforts of a home and experience the city like a local?

4. Pack Light. Pack Smart.

Especially during busy travel times, there is more risk for airlines to lose luggage. It’s my worst nightmare to arrive in paradise only to discover that my brand new bikini that I bought for this trip is half way across the world and won’t be arriving until it is my time for my departure. Therefore, I prefer to travel with carry-on luggage only. In order to get everything I need into a smaller case, I use packing cubes like Spacepaks by Flight 001. I promise it will change your travel life. I’m a self-admitted overpacker, but with these cubes, I can literally squeeze twice as much into the same smaller space. The air holes on the sides of the packs let you squeeze out excess air so you can have more room for your essentials, or in my case, that extra little black dress for just-in-case. It also has a “clean” side and a “laundry” side so you can separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes. And, these packs will keep you organized when you are on the road. No more clothes strewn throughout your suitcase or hotel closet floor. Use each pack like a dresser drawer. They even have a special lingerie pack so don’t forget to pack your favorite TLBC bras. If you only have space for one, though, pick one like, “Lea,” because it is wire-free and super comfy for active day trips, while the deep-plunge and light contoured push-up give great shape under any evening look

5. Make an Itinerary.

If you are limited on time, make an itinerary so you can make sure you don’t miss out on all the places you would like to visit and things you would like to do while you’re on vacation. Also, if you are a foodie like me, make reservations ahead of time. A great resource for a list of the best local restaurants around the world is

6. Take advantage of free activities.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Each city usually has a plethora of activities, concerts or locales to visit that actually don’t cost you a thing. Be sure to pick up a local magazine like Time Out Magazine to find out what’s going on while you are there. For example, did you know that popular Los Angeles Museum, LACMA is free on the second Tuesday of the month and select holidays. You’re in a new city; why not mingle with the locals?

7. Have Fun!

You’ve planned this vacation, now it’s time to enjoy it! Whether you’ve decided to travel abroad or visit a new state, a vacation means leave the worries and stresses at home. Enjoy yourself and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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