Basic fit of petite bras | HerRoom Video admin January 10, 2019
Basic fit of petite bras | HerRoom Video

Hi TLBC Fans!

Bra fit education is important to us so we want to reshare this informative video with you! Tomima Edwark, President and Founder of, did a great job of explaining the basic fit of petite bras and representing the different needs of the petite woman. She goes in to detail about why there is a lack of petite lingerie on the market, the difference between “narrow-set” and “wider-set” breasts, and how to properly fit and adjust your bra. There is some extremely valuable information in there and it’s jam packed with bra fitting and style picking tips!  

After watching, we think you’ll have a much better understanding about bras for ladies with small band and cup sizes.  The Little Bra Company has got you covered!

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