Journal Notes from Emily at Home | Mother’s Day admin April 29, 2020
Journal Notes from Emily at Home | Mother’s Day

The day I became a mother was probably the happiest day of my mother’s life. Ever since then,
my mother has had one singular focus and obsession…my daughter, her only grandchild. A few
years ago, when my daughter was two, my mother became gravely ill and after she awoke from
a two-day coma, she said she wasn’t ready to go because she still wanted to see my daughter
grow up. Three years later, my mother is healthy now, and closer than ever to my daughter.
And although it has been tough lately having to keep them physically apart due to the
quarantine, they speak to each other every day via FaceTime.

As a working mom, I have learned it really does take a village and I’m so grateful my mom is a
willing caregiver. She came to live with us for the first month after her birth, and she stayed for
about a year. Now, she watches her whenever I need her to. After-school, date nights and even
while I travel for work. So, when people ask how do I balance work and family life? I answer, “I
have my mom.” She is the secret sauce to making it happen.

As some of you may know, I name all the bras after people who have supported and loved me
through my lifetime, and probably the most special of those people, is my mother, Elaine. I
know she believes I gave her the gift of a granddaughter, but really, she is a gift that keeps on
giving to all of us.

In honor of Mother’s Day and my mother in particular, we are giving 30% off of the “Elaine” bra, and all the other bras in our Mother’s Day Gift Shop.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, and “godmothers” out there!

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